I have been training and performing pole dancing since 2006.

During this time I have tried to combine aspects of 
contemporary dance and an acrobatic influence into my routine and
teaching style.

It is still a surprise to some people to find male pole
dancers, but the skills and techniques are open to both men and women.


The strength and adaptive nature of pole, combined with fire
spinning creates a performance that is not often seen.

 In addition, working
with partners and creating a more acrobatic performance shows a side of pole not
often thought possible. I met my dance partner in 2012, and now as Bitter and Twisted Burlesque we have gone on to create more shows and perform in more places than we thought, to great affect.

I have a foundation level understanding of aerial silks,
rope, aerial hoop and trapeze.

These skills have allowed me to push myself more
into creating a dynamic and more skilful routine on the pole, as I continue to
develop and create new routines.

Training and basic aerial class can be booked at the Manor gym in Kemptown Church Place.

Please e mail for times and price.


 Mobile pole dancing stage from x pole, manufacturers of dancing poles.


 Pole stage can be transported and put in any location.


 Private club dancing cost to be arranged.